Dessert Truck

There is a white truck on the corner of 8th street and 3rd avenue (basically in front of the Starbucks). Out of this truck served some of the best desserts you will ever indulge in Manhattan.

Few years back two friends, Jerome Chang from Le Cirque and Chris Chen from Columbia Business School decided that they wanted to make and sell desserts from back of a truck, who to argue? Their dessert enterprise took off with some help from the NYU students, I guess where you park your truck help, front of the NYU dorms...

At this cash-only business, all dessert are $5 each. They do adjust their menu according to the time of the year but their main items are available all year long. At our most recent visit we opted out for a cup of hot chocolate with valrhona and Guittard chocolates and marshmallows as our beverage and for our desserts we went for their best seller, chocolate bread pudding topped with vanilla sauce and as a second option, CARAMELIZED PEARS with Star anise panna cotta and nutella brioche toast. They were all expertly put together and truly delicious.

This is one place you should be glad to live far from it. Don't get me wrong, if I could I would be front of this truck everyday, their desserts are addictive. I have a sweet tooth and I like my sweets so I will be returning to the Dessert Truck over and over again...

Partners are looking for a place to open their store but in the mean time they have their night and daytime locations where you can find them unless the weather is bad or the generator is acting up again...

Pros: Some of the best desserts NYC has ever seen.
Cons: No Seating. No Delivery.

Dessert Truck
Cuisine: Desserts, Bakeries
Phone: N / A
Address: Night: St. Mark's Place (8th Street) and 3rd Avenue
Daytime: East 55th St, just off the NE corner at Lexington
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Menu: Menupages
Wine: N / A

OpenTable: N/A



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