Mary's Fish Camp

Every so often my wife and I go for a leisurely walk in the Village area. On an early Saturday evening we happened to pass by the Wilfie and Nell's (review coming soon...) on West 4th which happens to be a great place for well made drinks and impressive food. After having couple of drinks we started to talk about how we haven't had a decent lobster roll or fried oyster for a such a long time. We used to go to the Black Pearl until it closed down and we have been to Mermaid Inn too many times. I always heard about the Mary's Fish Camp but somehow never made it there so I thought this was a good tim to walk over there to see the availability. Considering the time I knew we had a good chance of grabbing two seats at the bar.

Once we got there we were told that we can take the two last seats at the bar, right by the door. Mary's Fish Camp features an open kitchen, wrap around bar and handful of small tables scattered around the small dining room. We were happy to take our bar seats without having to wait plus we always like to sit and watch the food being prepared. Seating is pretty tight even sitting at the bar you have to watch your elbows.

They had few daily specials like a whole Branzini, Dorade, etc. We opted for four starters and a lobster roll instead of two main courses. It's always nice to order bunch of starters and share rather than getting two large portions. We ordered the Half Dozen Malpeque Oysters with Blush Mignonette for $12, Fried Oysters and Clams with Fish Camp Tartar Sauce for $11, Baked Italian Sardines with Gaeta Olives and Lemon Confit for $10, New Zealand Cockles with White Beans and Garlic for $12 and a Lobster Roll with French Fries for $28 . Menu states that the Lobster Roll is a limited availability so get there early and place your order right away if you want to try it. Besides the Lobster Roll my favorite dish was the Fried Oysters and Clams. My wife really liked the Sardines but it's not one of my favorites dishes. Starting with the Malpeques was a really nice way to start the meal specially with a bottle of the South African LB Sauvignon Blanc. LB is named for Lance Bouma, son of Tymen Bouma, proprietor of Anura Vineyards. LB is also short for Leebee, Tymen's nickname. LB sounds a lot like "Liebe," the German word for love...and not much of a stretch from the Afrikaans word for love "liefde". This vineyard is specialized in small batches of quality wine at amazing values. Hard to find it locally or online so enjoy it at the Mary's Fish Camp with your meal.

We kindly declined the dessert offer of Hot Fudge Sundae or the Banana Pudding because we had already too much to eat so we paid our bill which came out to $150 including the tax and gratuity. Service was good for a busy place like this and we only had to wait few minutes between our dishes.

Instead of jumping in to a taxi, we decided to take advantage of the comfortable spring evening with a mild breeze and walked back home.

Pros: Fresh Seafood. Amazing Lobster Roll.
Cons: Tight Seating. No Reservations.

Mary's Fish Camp
Cuisine: Seafood
Phone: (646) 486-2185
Email: N / A
64 Charles Street at the Corner of 4th Street, New York, NY 10014
Map: Google Maps

Wine: LB Sauvignon Blanc 2007, South Africa $36

OpenTable: N/A



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