Quick Review: Baden Baden NYC

I often walk on 32nd street between Broadway and Fifth avenue on my way to work or on my way back home. I don't think there is any other block in Midtown that will make your mouth water, this block is full of great restaurants;  mainly Korean BBQ places but also some restaurants showing hints of flavors from Japan and China.

Last time when I was getting my yogurt from Red Mango, I overheard few people talking about this amazing chicken they had at the Baden Baden or BBNY for short. When I looked across the street I noticed a restaurant on the second floor with the BBNY writing. That was few months ago, somehow didn't get the chance to go try this place up until this week. When you work late you really don't want to deal with cooking, cleaning, etc. You just want to sit down with a cold beer and wait until your food is brought front of you, ready to enjoy. I thought why not try the BBNY.

BBNY is on the second floor of the 28 West 32nd street.  You can see the BBNY writing on the face of the building when you look up. Take the stairs to the second floor and you'll be welcomed into a decent size seating area and long bar. When we got there around 8 pm, most of the tables were already taken but there were still three tables available.
Believe me if I tell you that the drink menu was way longer than the food menu. There are pages of pages of beer, wine, cocktails, martinis, soju, etc.  We sat down, ordered two OB Lagers,  a large Baden Baden Chicken which is their special ity and the Buffalo Hot Wings ( They are"Uber-Hot" so be warned!).

I think this write up from NYMag describes their chicken the best:

"Korean-style fried chicken is cooked in a rotisserie to an exquisite tenderness, let to cool slightly, and then deep-fried, giving it a perfect combination of yielding moistness and crisp, garlicky exterior. "

For two people large chicken was more than enough. It is served with option of fries or onion rings. We went with the fried but next time we'll definitely try the onion rings. Also it comes with a small bowl of pickled daikon and a whole roasted garlic (watch out for this one...).  We already decided what to order next; of course we would want that delicious BB chicken again but here are some other dishes worth a try: Spicy Octopus or Squid, Chopped Steak and Spicy Clams. There are also other tasty dishes on the menu so I suggest you should take a look at the menu and make up your mind.

Great place to enjoy a variety of domestic or import beer and an amazing chicken special.

Baden Baden NYC
Cuisine: Korean, Speciality: Chicken
Phone: (212) 714-2266
Address: 28 West 32nd St, 2nd Fl., New York, NY 10001 (Between Fifth Avenue and Broadway)


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