Ten Degrees

Ten Degrees wasn't part of our Saturday evening going out plans but because we walked way quicker than we thought we would, by the time we got to our target location we were forty five minutes ahead of our dinner reservations. We walked around St. Marks Place to find a good spot for a glass of wine or a pre-dinner cocktail. Ten Degrees seemed to be the right place we were looking for. When we walked in the front seating area of few chairs and a couch was already occupied and the bar stools were all takes so we decided to sit at the side bar with mini chairs. They kind of reminded me of my pre-school coloring days...But still comfortable enough to have a drink or two and close enough to the bartender to take our orders.

First round we ordered ourselves a Vodka Gimlet and a La Habana Martini ( martini with apricot brandy) from the cocktail menu. They were both well made with fresh lime juice and top-shelf liquor without having to ask for an upgrade ( I am simply against any house or other bottom shelf alcohol. If I am going to kill few million brain cells they are going to die in luxury.) After our cocktails we ordered two glasses of wine with a selection of two cheeses and Jamon Serrano. The cost of combination of three is $21 but there is an additional cost for Beeler Gruyer and Monte Nebro cheeses which we ordered the second.

We enjoyed our wine with the cheese and meat selection. Monte Nebro goes very well with a piece of fig bread and touch of mustard.

There is a private room in the back which seemed like it becomes a bottle service VIP area once the whole place transforms itself from a quiet wine bar to a full speed night club. Overall we would visit the Ten Degrees again possibly on a lazy Sunday afternoon to have few glasses of wine and nibble on some artisanal cheese.

Pros: Good selection of wines by the glass. Impressive selection of cheese and charcuterie.
Cons: Gets pretty wild at night with a loud DJ soundtrack.

Ten Degrees
Cuisine: Wine Bar
Phone: (212) 358-8600


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