The Breslin a the Ace Hotel is now open for breakfast, lunch and brunch; dinner coming soon...

Last week I heard The Breslin was open for breakfast, brunch and lunch. So on last Sunday my wife and I decided to walked over to see what they've got to offer.

After the Spotted Pig fame Ken and April generated a lot of buzz for the Breslin, specially with chef Fergus Henderson at the helm. We were told that they'll open for dinner within the next few days so that's another thing to look forward to. From what we heard dinner menu is focused on meat and more meat but lunch and breakfast menus are not just for the meat eaters.

We started with two cappuccinos from the Stumptown Coffee Roasters also located in the Ace Hotel's Lobby. Ordered some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and two of the "Oven Baked 3 Cheese Sandwich with house smoked ham and pickles at $16 each". Also our server suggested for us to try the "Thrice Cooked Chips " which is a skin on, large cut fries, most likely fried in duck fat. She mentioned that they are already called the best fries in NYC. They were good and fried just right but a little salty for my taste buds.

Our meal was simply delicious but you should know; the portions were huge so we had to take part of our sandwiches to go. Total check came out to $70 which is kind of high for brunch without any alcohol but the food was expertly prepared and presented.

Place looks very dark with a lot of the walls, dividers and frames painted in black with a dated look from the early 19th century city vibe which is similar to the Ace Hotel's lobby. Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors is behind both Ace Hotel Lobby and the Breslin's design and styling. There is a bar area when you first walk in to the restaurant from the street entrance (there is also a hotel lobby entrance) and then the back dining room with an open kitchen layout. We were seated in the back dining room with a view of the pastry prep area. Tables are small when considering the plates are quiet large. When we got two of our sandwiches and the fries to share, our server had to rearrange the glasses, cutlery and plates to have enough rooms for everything. Also table are very close to each other which is unfortunate for a this size of a restaurant. They could have easily left a table out in the room's layout to give more space to diners. You do need to move the table next to you when the person sitting at the banquet to get out. There is also an upstairs dining area which could easily be a the VIP section when they start opening for dinner and late night dining.

We look forward to return to The Breslin to try the lunch and dinner menus. I hope they reconsider the table layout so your neighbor won't bump in to you when they are being seated or getting out of their seat. With all the work goes in to a restaurant planning I am sure they realize how much room to give and it seems to me planners get greedy with trying to squeeze one more table to allow for extra diners.

I am sure with the same people behind the Spotted Pig and the late John Dory, dinner should be as good if not better.

The Breslin Bar & Dining Room At the Ace Hotel
20 West 29th Street (Between 5th Ave & Broadway)
New York, NY 10001 

The Breslins' Menu:


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