Late night dinner at the The Mermaid Inn (Upper West) - NYC

Oysters, Lobster Rolls, Great Drinks and much more =The Mermaid Inn. I have been a fan of the East Village location since they opened. I thought they had an excellent concept; fresh, tasty seafood at reasonable prices and great service in a comfortable environment.

Last night, around 10:30PM while I was walking down on Amsterdam, I came across the Mermaid Inn, it's been a long day and hadn't had the chance to have a proper dinner so even it was quite late I decided to go in a grab a quick meal before heading back home.

Even at 10:30PM on a Monday night place was still busy with customers. I walked in and got a seat at the bar. Place is similar to the East Village location, it transfers you to a fish shack somewhere on the shore with photos of fish, fishing, etc.

They had about eight daily oysters; four from East coast and four from the West. I like my oysters from the cold waters of PEI, New Brunswick, BC, etc. so they had a nice selection and I ended up ordering eight. It took a while to get them as well as my main course even at that time so I assumed some of the kitchen staff was packing up or cleaning for the night.

I normally order the lobster roll with fries at the other location but at that time of the night I thought I could probably sleep better if I stayed with something a little lighter. That thought process didn't stop my neighboring couple who enjoyed their lobster rolls with a plate full of fries. There is always a next time...

Be sure to check out the Blue Plate Special (whole roasted fish with green herbs, fried Idaho potato and a glass of beer) which is a great deal at $20. They serve it from opening until 7PM. They also had a $1 special oysters also served until 7PM.

No matter about the little delay, I enjoyed a nice pint of beer on tap until the oysters arrived. They were presented with the usual sides like fresh lemon, vinaigrette, tabasco, etc. The detail in serving oysters is that when you shack them you don't leave any small pieces of the shell and they passed the test. You also get these nice little cup of bread crackers which are very addictive. After the oysters I ordered the Salmon with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Beets, topped with hazelnuts. After a second pint of beer I received my fortune telling miracle fish which is always fun and a mini cup of chocolate mouse on the house.

My check came out to $77 including tax, tip, two pints of beer, eight oysters (they range from $2/each and up) and the salmon entree. Overall it's a casual neighborhood restaurant that offers an oasis to the seafood lovers without having to spend tons of money. If I end up on this side of the park again I'll be sure to stop by.

The Mermaid Inn - UWS

568 Amsterdam Avenue
(Between 87th Street & 88th Street) 
New York, NY 10024
(212) 799-7400


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