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Telepan has been in my list of must-eat-restaurants for a while now, I finally had the pleasure of eating at the Telepan last Saturday. It was four of us so we were able to order multiple dishes to taste which is a great thing when you are going to a new restaurant, much easier and less embarrassing than order additional dishes as one person.

Telepan is located on the first floor of an Upper West Side town house. You have to take few steps up the doorway so not sure how accessible it is for wheelchairs. Once you enter and pass the host and the coat check, there is a small bar area.

Telepan is divided in to multiple rooms so depending on the noise level you can request a table in the main dining room which is in the back or one of the small side rooms. Place is pretty large so I estimate about 60 or more tables. Some of the tables are located very close to each other specially in the smaller rooms which I expected this size of a restaurant to locate them a bit more apart so you don't have to squeeze by the tables.

We were seated right of away even though two of our party were not there. Host and the manager were both very friendly and helpful with the table selection and getting us seated quickly. Space is designed to be very neutral and comfortable. You can easily tell that the main focus here is the food so nothing should take it away from it.

We did have some issues with the timing of our service so there were times we had to ask our water or bread server to get our waiter but I guess that is to be expected at a popular restaurant on a Saturday night. Delay in our service and one of the starters being over salty were the only minor issues but the food was simply amazing.

Telepan menu offers tasting menus, appetizers, middle courses and entrees so you can choose which ever options best works for you. Because we knew exactly what we were going to have we choose our own dishes instead of the tasting menu but we may go back to try the tasting option next time.

There is a very large wine list, most of them are $75+ but there are some bargains there if you know what to look for. If not, there is a page dedicated to a short list of wine specials. They also offer about eight signature cocktails which we started with few of them then switched to a bottle of Rhone valley red.

First there was the amuse compliments of the chef then we started with the vegetable-bread soup, house-smoked brook smoked trout (a must!) and the winter salad. There were some great dishes in the Mid Courses but we didn't want to stuff ourselves specially at the generous portions they served. Even at Telepan there are daily specials so check with your server. Saturday's special, which was the only one left from few others, was duck with foie-gras. Then we ordered the Roasted Chicken, Heritage Pork and the Hangar Steak. They were all very delicious. We ended our meal with a selection of ice-cream and a selection of sorbet, just to be good but Toffee Bread Pudding sounded irresistible, hopefully next time.

Including a round of cocktails, bottle of mid-level wine, three courses, tax and tip all came out to $400 for four so it was much better than I expected. We will return to Telepan but next time we'll either go for lunch, brunch or a mid-week dinner. Only reason I didn't give five stars is because they should have count in the extra load on a Saturday and plan accordingly so there wouldn't be any lapses in service. I am willing to upgrade to five stars if the service improves at our next visit.


72 West 69th Street
(between Central Park West & Columbus Avenue) 
New York, NY 10023
(212) 580-4300 

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