La Biblioteca at the Zengo

The other night I was invited to the weekly tequila tastings at the La Biblioteca de Tequila which was sponsored by Don Julio. This is a weekly event that takes place every Tuesday with a different tequila producer. 

La Biblioteca is located at the lower level of the new restaurant Zengo. It is completely different look and feel from the restaurant above. It's very dim, moderately noisy and somewhat comfortable with large arm chairs and leather couches. It felt like an upscale speakeasy.

Currently they are only open for the weekly tastings due to the delay in getting their liquor license but these tastings are some of the beast deals in NYC right now. Tastings are $15 per person which was for Blanco, Reposado, Anejo and the 1942 special edition tequilas from Don Julio collection. Tasting included passed mini tacos and other hors d'oeuvres which were all very delicious and they came around quiet often so I thank you for their generosity with the food and drinks for such a great deal.

Don Julio ambassador Sandra went through some facts about the tequila growing and producing before explaining how theirs is different than some of the other premium brands out there on the bar shelves. I already had tasted the first three but tasting the special edition 1942 was a nice treat.

With an additional $15 you also had a choice of six types of margaritas made with the Don Julio tequila.

Walls are filled with tequila lockers but we weren't told what the cost of them were or how one maintained a locker or what type of privileges owner of a locker received, perhaps that's for the next time. At the end of the tasting they offered the same bottles at the special rate which came with a six months of tequila locker. I thought that was pretty cool and impressive to own a tequila locker at this future happening place...


La Biblioteca
622 Third Avenue at 40th Street
Lower Level of Zengo Restaurant
New York, NY 10017
(212) 808-8110


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