Pera Mediterranean Brasserie

Pera is the only upscale Turkish restaurant in New York City that stays true to the basic elements of the Turkish cuisine. They managed to combine authentic food with great service and a comfortable yet chic setting with sights and smells of the open kitchen.

Chef Jason Avery is in charge of the delicious dishes coming out of the kitchen. Spending some time in Turkey himself, he truly manages to create authentic dishes with the right spices, combination of ingredients with excellent presentation.

I have been to Pera few times, depending on the night crowd changes from after work to families. My last visit to Pera was on a Sunday and they recently started to offer a $29 per person baby lamb roast with appetizers which I thought was a great deal. This deal is part of the Weekend Mediterranean Marketplace program they are having. You can go see the fresh daily seafood, vegetables, etc. right on the counter then decide on your meal.

According to the chef they will be having this deal on Saturday and Sundays at least for now. This dinner plan is served from 3 PM to 10 PM and before that they also have a similar deal for brunch. On Fridays they have a jazz band without a cover charge.

I have been a fan of Turkish Cuisine for a long time now and even spent some time in Turkey myself so when I look at a dish I know how it should look and taste. Also I have been to almost all Turkish restaurants in Manhattan so besides the Turkish Kitchen on 3rd Avenue which is still great for food, Pera will take the medal for the best Turkish in Manhattan for combining food, service and ambiance.

Pera Mediterranean Brasserie
303 Madison Ave
(Between 41st Street & 42nd Street) 
New York, NY 10017
(212) 878-6301


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