Zengo New York from Richard Sandoval

Finally, Zengo is in Manhattan. This was another opening that I was looking forward to specially because of the fame of Richard Sandoval and secondly because it's conveniently located to where I live and work.

Last night we went to the lower level of Zengo for their weekly tequila tasting. After the tasting we decided to go upstairs for dinner even though we had our shares of the passed tacos during the tequila tasting.

For those of you who are familiar with this location it used to be the English is Italian by Todd English and then Wild Salmon by Jeffrey Chodorow. For various reasons both restaurants closed and I think one of the reasons was because this place is huge! It's a three level, free standing building on the corner of 40th street and Third avenue so I assume lease is astronomical as well as the running cost of such large space.

As I said lower level is the La Biblioteca which is a tequila bar, then the main level with the dining room and a upper level with future Sake and Shochu bar. According to our server all three are still waiting for their liquor license so there isn't any alcohol served at this place except the weekly tequila tasting downstairs with a special private party permit. They do offer soft drinks like Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Hibiscus drink, etc made with fresh juices. Each level will have their own specialty menu but main level is where you go to eat Chef Sandoval's tasty creations.

Menu is as huge as the space. You can start from ceviche or sushi rolls then go down to noodles and rice to salads then down to the large plates. There are many choices to it's difficult to pick just one or two so they suggest ordering small plates and share which is specially nice if you go with a large group.

We ordered two large plates because were already stuffed with tacos at the tasting and skipped the starters. Lamb loin and the Halibut at $27 & $28 with South American seasonings were great, but I thought the sauce that came with the halibut was slightly salty but that could be me because I hardly use any salt, . The surprise of the dinner was the Edamame XO! You have the choice of the normal edamame to start with at $5 but why if you can go with the XO for $7. XO is covered with a secret dressing of dried shrimp, clam sauce, scallops, Serrano ham and chili... it a must!

We skipped the dessert just because we had no room left but there were about seven or eight choices at $5 each like flan, sorbet selection, chocolate cake, etc.

On the way out we were presented with a 25% discount card for future lunch or dinner so we look forward to going back soon to experience more of the menu...

622 Third Avenue at 40th Street
New York, NY 10017
(212) 808-8110 


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