Sushi Sennin Japanese Restaurant - NYC

Another great neighborhood restaurant with excellent menu of sushi, sashimi, yakitori and other Japanese delicacies in one place with friendly service.

Sushi Sen-Nin is another one of my favorite restaurants within five minutes of where I live so we tried to visit as often as we can. We always enjoy a wonderful selection of daily fish selection with some hot and cold appetizers to go with a bottle of sake.

This place has been around for years. It used to be located on 34th street up until they lost their lease. Then they closed the place and it remained in limbo until they opened up an Upper East Side location. After that they found the current location which moved the operation and closed the Upper East location.

Restaurant is pretty large considering some others in this area. As soon as you walk in there is a bar area with full selection of cocktails, wine, beer, sake and special drinks.After the bar area there are two tatami rooms for small parties but these rooms are open so you don't get much privacy. If you are looking for privacy they do have a private room upstairs which most people don't even know about it but trust me, it's there and they will show it to you if you are planning a private party.

Main dining room is a one large square with small tables in the center, long sushi bar on the right and few small banquette tables on the left hand side.

Their menu is quiet extensive and covers almost every angle of Japanese cuisine. We normally start with few appetizers like Izuzukuri - thinly sliced fluke, sweet shrimp tempura, Tokyo spicy wings, avocado salad, few yakitori selection with a large bottle of cold sake. They don't have a large selection of sake but they are carefully selected for anyone to find a bottle they like. After the appetizers we normally leave the sashimi selection to our server,. after few years of visiting most of the staff already know what we like and decide on our behalf from the daily list of fish from all over the world. After that we finish with a special roll if we are still hungry.

They are not the cheapest option in the area but I always say cheap and raw fish should not be in the same sentence... For the quality of the fish and the attentiveness of the service justifies the cost of the meal. Don't get me wrong they are no where as expensive as Yasuda or Gari or even Haru so you don't need to empty your bank account before going over. Also if you stick with the regulars instead of the exotic daily fish then there is nothing you need to be concerned about.

Next time in the area give them a try and see for yourself. They are a nice bunch of people and always take care of you with a smile. Don't forget about the mini chocolates on the way out...

Sushi Sennin Japanese Restaurant

30 East 33rd Street
(between Madison & Park Avenues) 
New York, NY 10016
(212) 889-2208


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