Serra Mediterranean Bistro {CLOSED}

Had an amazing dinner at my new local favorite restaurant. Even though it happens to be located in a hotel, Vincci Hotel Avalon to be exact, chef and management found a way to deliver an impressive menu to go with wonderful service (minus the ambiance which I think needs a bit of work).

It seems like they tried to cover any type of food that originated from the Mediterranean region. Co-owners Cesare and Tio Alogn with chef Claude are serving fresh and tasty dishes influenced from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Northern Africa regions.

As I said they are still not officially open so few dishes are missing form the menu but the ones they are serving totally makes up for the four or five dishes that will be joining soon.

We walked into see if they were open and got greeted by one of the owners. He made sure we got a nice table to sit down and within minutes we were offered couple of glasses of fresh made Bellinis from the compliments of the bar. They only had two types of white wine so we went with the Washington state Sauvignon Blanc for $35 which was better than we hoped for. Then we started with the beets with grilled goat cheese, appetizer portion of green pea risotto and grilled calamari. When it came to the mains we picked the Branzini and the Black Sea bass. They all tastes amazing, it was like each dish tried to out do the last one. We did not leave a single crumb on the plates. Prices ranged from $10 to $15 for appetizers and $20 to $25 for mains and huge portions more than justify the cost.

We finished the meal with a delicious Tiramisu and two Turkish coffees. One of the owners was having a meal himself with his family next to us and they pretty much ordered the same dishes as we did but the tuna, salmon caviar, Cornish hen, duck and the grilled salmon looked incredible enough for us to put them in the next visit list.

We paid our check which came about to $126 without the tip so it was a great value. Chef himself made sure that we enjoyed every bit we ate and asked if we had any suggestions but we were completely satisfied with the service and the food and already look forward to our next visit.

This restaurant could be the next sleeper in this area so give it a try before it gets busy.
Serra Mediterranean Bistro
16 East 32nd St
(between 5th & Madison Avenues)
New York, NY 10016
(212) 532-5344


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