Shake Shack

Danny Meyer's "Shack" in the Park has changed the way people feel about burgers. Would you believe people wait on the line for over an hour for a burger and a shake? Well, it's true, specially on the summer weekends when the weather is nice and warm, you can see the line stretching all the way to the entrance of the park on 23rd and Broadway.

Initially a seasonal venture now Shake Shack is open all year long so you can get your burger fix any time of the year. Because of the long lines I tend to visit the Shake Shack mostly on the winter months or rainy summer nights when the line is almost non-existent.
My usual order: Shackburger, Cheese fries and a Shack Attack concrete. I have to admit, I did have my share of burgers but this one is special no matter what some other say. It's better than good, it's so good that it is addictive. I have seen people holding their vibrating / flashing order-ready pagers as they were the most precious thing. You can see people's mouth start to water when they see the other flashy thingies start to go off just like the Pavlov's dogs.

Make sure to check their web site the "Shack Cam" so you can see how the line is before you venture out. Lately I noticed that they started to offer a fine selection of wine and beer. Once you add the outdoor seating to this combination, where else can you get this kind of a deal in New York City?

There is a third location after the second location in Upper West, coming soon to the Citi Field in Flushing. Possible opening day: April 13, 2009. Check the updates on the ShakeShake web site.

Pros: Amazing Burgers. Great Concretes (Frozen Custard). Outdoor Seating.
Cons: Long Lines.

Shake Shack
Cuisine: Burgers, Hot-Dogs, Fast Food
Phone: (212) 889-6600
Address: Madison Square Park - Madison Ave. at 23rd St., New York, NY 10010
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Menu: Menupages
Wine: N / A

OpenTable: N/A



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